Sample Essay

There are different categories of brands that exist in the market that comprise of premium brands, corporate brands, family brands, Co-brands. Branding that is specific to the retail industry pertains to the corporate branding of the retail company, the branding of the companies own products that are known as the retail brands and branding of the retail store to reflect the branding of the retail company. “Starbucks, Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer, Sunglass Hit, Putomayo and Old Navy have started to focus on music with the introduction of their own compilation CD’s.

To create the right in-store experience, it is necessary to choose this music very carefully. This is an enormous opportunity to add value by adding meaning. Music may be the single most important device for delivering meaning to the retail environment and the retail environments ability to deliver meaning to the brand” (McCracken, 2005, p187-188)

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