BP officials argued that other companies should cost share on this bill. There are companies that also participate in the drilling of oil (Mouawad 2010 p. 5). On the day of explosion, other companies were drilling oil too. These companies include Anadarko Petroleum Corp and MOEX. An oil company in Japan also denied the claims of negligence during the incident. They have escaped the penalties that pertain this case.

Despite the destruction seen after the spill of oil at the wells, it is still hard to prove such cases before a court for charges to be made. One has to show the severity of the damage as evidence. In the past, only the spill in Texas had its charges made, but others have not been proven yet. Prosecutors have to research on the level of damage to the environment so that they can establish their case against BP. The justice has proved few cases, though these have called for the testimonies of defendants to be heard against the accused, oil companies.

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