Sample Essay

The movie 7 up despite its diverse context and extensive research is only 40 minutes long. This is why the original 21 respondents chosen for the film were cut down to the number of 14. The movie 7 Up targets the children in their home ground which pertains to their specific social classes and systems. The movie provides in detail interviews of the 14 respondents where they are specifically asked to provide what their future plans pertaining to school, college, life, ambitions and careers are.

The film followed their routine lives, as well as depicted how they planned on attaining their set goals and objectives. The following episodes of the series however were more detailed as the target was established for the film being a repeating venture and as a result attention was paid to detail. The fist movie, the 7 Up therefore provides a comprehensive synopsis of the different kind of people residing in Britain as of the 1960s and how their social class direct effect even their choice of ambitions and goals for their lives.

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