Sample Essay

In the movie the character of Sam Witwicky constantly tries to attract the members of the opposite sex but his attempts are thwarted due to his presence and his role in the social circle. This has been the story of my life as well during my middle and high school years. However there are some differences between the character and myself in terms of the way we dress. While Sam Witwicky tries to wear hi[p clothes, even though they do not fit his physique and attitude, I have been less risky and experimental in terms of fashion and prefer casual clothes that are often regarded by others as being stiff or geeky.

The character of Sam Witwicky in the movie is a single child with an over protective and aggressive mother and a father who relies on the mother to raise the child. The role of the mother I the family is one who cares for her child excessively and treats him as a treasure that needs constant security and protection. The father on the other hand seeks solitude and more independence for both himself and his child but his wife’s personality is much overpowering and stronger than his. My family however is significantly different from the family of Sam Witwicky.

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