Sample Essay

The words of Optimus Prime have become immortal again after the release of Transformers second feature film ‘The Revenge of the Fallen’. However another character that has been brought to light with the release of the movie, is the one played by Shia LaBeouf as Samuel James Witwicky, better known as Sam Witwicky. The following is a competitive and contrast essay on how my personality and my life has been a reflection of the one portrayed for Sam Witwicky in the first edition of Transformers. The comparison between me and the character has been conducted in terms of appearance, family background, attitude, habits and hobbies, social life, way of life and the role played.

When it comes to appearance I am a person of medium built who was an easy target for bullies akin to the character of Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movie. Average features and nerdy looks are what I have been supporting all my life which is also very similar to the appearance and looks depicted for the character of Sam Witwicky in the movie.

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