Sample Essay

The Bloomingdales departmental store energized and revamped its brand image by extensively focusing on the store image. The company made use of innovative store designs and formats (Barr, 2002).

The strategies that are used by the company to revamp its store and its brand image include creating a stylish atmosphere, using lighting to increase the notion of space, integrating the section for kids, re-flooring the hard and soft material floors, reformatting and configuring the department devoted to cosmetics by changing the layout, bringing in new selective windows for variety, increasing the number of mannequins used, installing sound systems, zoning the departments as well as using innovative and exiting graphics which motivate the shoppers to enjoy the experience (Barr, 2002).

Bloomingdales and Macy’s both have been using house brands to lure the customers that tend to shop from private labels. The house brands that have been used by them since 1940s initiating with private collections for men and female clothing and specialised food products like wine.

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