Sample Essay

Target is primarily a retailer that is known for its furnishings and apparel. The super store has its distinct brand personality and position in the market in the upscale retail sector. The Target Company has created brand awareness for itself though its unique logo/ brand symbol that depicts the bull’s eye. Using this symbol and without depicting any consumer products in the advertisements, the company has been able to create a distinguished brand image and personality for itself. The retail chain seeks to position itself as the retailer for the savvy, trend setting, educated and fashionable customers.

The target market for the Target chain of stores are the young shoppers and the company caters to their needs and product demands by supplying them with both branded products as well as non branded merchandise of high quality that is not available at other retail stores (Henderson & Mihas, 2000). The company has targeted the trend setting apparel shopper segment by taking inspirations for its labels and product lines form the European fashion industry (Henderson & Mihas, 2000).

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