Sample Essay

The two departmental stores now work in association with the brands and companies of Victor Costa, Anne & Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren and Polo to manufacture clothing that are exclusively sold the outlets of Bloomindales or Macy only (Morgenson, 1993). Both the departmental stores have managed to leverage their own brand image through the brand image of the private label brands and collections that they stock and sell through their stores.

The marketing strategy for Macy’s is based on the five point strategy including provision of exceptional in store service to the customers, professionalism of the store salespeople, the exclusivity of the brands and product lines housed within the departmental store, the collection of the private labels sold at the stores, the epic proportions of the operations of the company and the provision of a wide range of consumer products and items that are required by the customers all under one roof (‘Macy’s “five-point” strategy’, 2008). With the changing market conditions however the company has become inclines to launch TV campaigns, and sales promotions that are localized to the different regions of its operations and its target market (Zmuda, 2008). The company has even announced that it would be consolidating its back operations while creating a more localised customer focus and orientation (O’Connel, 2008).

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