Sample Essay

The Company plans to market its products through distributors in certain parts of the world including Canada,USA, and Europe. It may set up its own sales offices in certain jurisdictions depending on which revenue model provides the best results in terms of sales and profitability. The Company has also established a substantial marketing budget to achieve its sales targets. ProTerra plans to set up a research and development center to introduce additional energy related products. It presently operates in a leased, 17,500 square foot facility.

Due to global “Green” and energy saving initiatives, ProTerrra LED is in an enviable position and represents an excellent investment opportunity. Its founders believe that it is the right product at the right time. It is believed that the next big wave of successes and money-making opportunities will be in Energy Technology. ProTerra LED represents an appealing investment opportunity in this rapidly emerging technological setting. ProTerra’s products are being well received by government and industry alike. Having reviewed the ProTerra LED bulb, a number of municipalities are reviewing the possibilities of enacting a by-law requiring all streetlights to be LED. The Company is receiving positive feedback from other potential users as well.

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