Sample Essay

The following section provides the different aspects of the business that would need financing for the start up and establishment of the venture.

The investment that would be required form the ADWEA would be for the start up cost of the venture and in the research and development of new products under the business venture for the first year. After that the business would be sourcing its operations from the revenue earned from the sale of products and related services. The pricing strategy that would be used to support sales and revenue generation would be to employ penetration pricing whereby the products would be sold at affordable and less premium costs that provide a significant margin of profit but also encourage adoption of the technology in the market.

The production strategy as mentioned earlier as well would be focused on the provision of products and services to the customers. As the products that would be mainly sold in the market in the first five years are the High Bay Street and Parking Lights, the production strategy would be focused on producing the LED technology based products that come under this category only for the first five years. However, simultaneously research and development would be required for the street and parking lot lighting products as well as for the products that would be for commercial, office as well as residential usage.

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