Sample Essay

The ADWEA would benefit from investing in the business venture as the organization as well as the business venture are built on the same core values and can work together towards efficient and sustainable resources of energy and energy usage. The investment from the ADWEA would be required for starting the business venture and establishing it in theAbu Dhabiregion. For this it is proposed that a $5,200,000 would be required in the form of investment that covers the costs of leasing land, acquiring building, and machinery, manufacturing equipment, labor and management as well as for establishing research and development facilities.

The main component of the LED technology is the chip which is attached to a reflective material. This contraption is attached to a steel and lead frame which is further on connected to cables that provide links to the energy source. The LED light is composed of all these components which work in cohesion to produce light beams. The strength of the LED is counted through wavelengths which can be in the visible spectrum as well as in the invisible spectrum in the form of radiation. Nowadays the semiconductor elements are used to source energy for the LEDs from alternative sources of energy as well which can make them eco friendly and beneficial for the environment.

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