In the United States, the issue of abortion has received mixed rulings in the legal institutions. Laws have shifted across the matter with major conflicts arising between federal and state decisions regarding the same. For instance, during the term of Bill Clinton, he vetoed many bills brought before him proposing the federal ban of partial birth abortions. However, in the same period, twenty-nine states passed the ban for partial birth abortions. In the year 2003, President George Bush signed passed the partial abortion act by signing it into law, but the same was rejected just before it took force.

In 2007, a Supreme Court decision supported a ban of partial birth abortion in favour of the Act signed by the President Bush. This paper focuses on the 2007 Supreme Court decision, and it will outline the development of the law up to the making of this decision. The paper will as well evaluate the underlying abortion controversy in a bid to establish whether based on prior rulings this decision was justified.

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