Sample Essay

The following paper provides information pertaining to the differences in the culture and the values of two countries, Germany and the United States of America. The cultural differences are discussed in terms of the value of respect and the value of the community. The specific views of the people of the two countries pertaining to the environment, the race based relations as well as the gender roles and the marital systems are specifically provided.

Germany and America share a very abnormal and unique history. The two countries stated their relations as two opposing parties in the world war, however after the defeat of the Nazis in the world war and the two countries have become strong Allies. The transition was not instantaneous and resulted in a period of gold war in the post world war II period. However with the development of the status of the West German economic institutions, trade between the countries improved and resulted in a formation of an alliance between the two nations.

Despite the relationship of the two countries, the people and the communities in the two countries are significantly different from each other in terms of their values, the role of the different people in the community as well as the cultural and religious norms.

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