Sample Essay

The United States of Americais a socialist country whileGermanyis primarily a communist state. However the socialism in America makes the country and its institutions highly inefficient while the communism inGermanyis much more efficient in terms of getting to the final results and providing for the people of the country. Moreover the double standards do not exist in the Germany.

Moreover in America the culture of the people is much more materialistic and built on power and money. The consumerist culture in the region has created new jobs in the market while increasing the activity in the economic environment. However in the long term the current deficit which is visible today is being driven by the consumerist culture of the people in the United States who are spending money they don’t have in large amounts creating a gap in the availability of funds in the market and the actual spend by the people. In Germany, the situation is somewhat different as a result of the history which is experienced b the region and the resultant impact they had on the social economic conditions in the country. In Germany consumerism had not caught on until the late twenty first century.

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