Near Death Experience: narrative essay

My friends and I planned a road trip to Scotland from London on Monday, June 5. It was a nice sunny weather and we were all pleased to see everything gleaming because of the nice bright sunlight. It seems like the pure sunlight has uplifted the gloominess form every entity and has bestowed a new life upon each of them. We decided to leave early so that we would reach our destination as quickly as possible. We friends met at a spot and began our road trip.

We knew that this journey would be long; therefore, we had bought junk food so that we could feed our groaning stomachs time to time. We also had decided to take turns for driving the car so that everyone can have the chance to have some rest. I was the first one to drive the car because I love morning driving. Tress, green luscious mountains, river sights, flashes by like a parade. I was completely overwhelmed by the view. The fresh air compelled us to open our car’s windows and inhale it through our nostrils.

On our way, we came across a river sight which was so beautiful that we all decided to stay there for a while and take few pictures. One on my friend suggested that we should have our lunch there and we all agreed. We spent a lot more time there than we had planned in the first place. Then when we left that place, one of my friends Liam decided to take the charge of the wheel.

The sun gradually begun to drown in the green sheets of mountains and the bright sunlight started to fade away into the darkness. The driver turned on the headlights to overcome the darkness of the night. We all fell asleep, only Jack was wide-awake as this time he was holding the wheel of the car.

My sleep was broken because our car had a bump. When I open my eyes and restored my consciousness, I found out the Jack has fallen asleep and the car is running on its own accord. I managed to bring jack into consciousness and make him to control the car. Jack took few minutes to comprehend the situation and control the car just before we were about to hit a huge trunk of an old bearded tree.

Our car was an inch away from the tree; we all saw each other faces and breathed heavily. If I had not restored my consciousness on time, we all would have died. That near death experience has taught us many things, especially the importance of life.