The aim of the dissertation is to provide insight into how retail businesses and similar organizations fare in terms of their performance and growth during the Christmas season in theUK. Christmas season marks the highlight of the shopping calendar for most in the UK with retailers offering new range of collections, products and services as well as high levels of discounting to their customers during the Christmas season to attract sales.

This increases the revenue and the profits for the retail businesses through volume. The research aims to compare the performance of Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser to determine the successful strategies that can be used by other retailers in the UK to increase their sales and profits during the Christmas season.

The study is not targeting any particular problem in the retail industry. Instead the research is aimed at an explorative analysis on the performance of the retail businesses in theUKspecifically during the Christmas season. The main problem statement for the research and the following dissertation as a result is as follows:

An explorative study and an analysis of UK retail businesses during Christmas season: a comparative analysis of Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser.

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