Sample Essay

Christmas season shopping is a tradition for most families in theUKwhere customers crowd the streets to make their seasonal purchases as well as Christmas and New Year gifts. In theUnited Kingdom the Christmas also marks a season for sales and discounted prices on new diverse and designer products. This means it becomes more affordable pr people to shop during the Christmas season.

The study undertaken is significant to the retail industry as it highlights how the retailers perform during the Christmas season and what other independent variables affect the sales and revenue of the selected retailers. The most successful strategies of promotions and sales undertaken by the retailers will also be highlighted. The retailers can use this information to adjust their following years Christmas season campaigns to increase their profit and revenues from increased sales.

The research undertaken for the purpose of determining the performance of the retail businesses in theUnited Kingdomduring Christmas season pertains to a historic research. The research design mainly involves a literature review that would analyse the secondary resources and data available on the performance of the retail businesses inUK. The data is primarily taken from the secondary resources like the peer reviewed journals available on the journals databases, official industry reports, newspapers and periodicals and from the annual business performance reports that are published on the websites of the two companies. The research mythology that has been selected for the study is appropriate and fitting for the purpose of the study as it provides an in-depth view on what factors influence the Christmas sales of the retail business in the UK and how the performance of the retail businesses in UK is different from that of season other than Christmas.

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