The fast-food business is one of the fastest-growing businesses particularly in the developed countries.c

Customers are the most crucial component of business; in fact, they are the stakeholders who have the most significant impact and influence on the business including fast-food business. Likewise, customer satisfaction corresponds to the person feels regarding the food and services within the fast-food business.

In the recent competitive as well as the globalized business environment, customer satisfaction is one of the most common and crucial aspects throughout the international markets. Customer satisfaction can be characterized as the behavioral approach of the customers which denotes the extent to which the customers are satisfied after purchasing or consuming a specific service/product from the business.

Over past several decades, the level of customer satisfaction has been playing momentous roles in developing business strategies for augmenting customer satisfaction as well as developing organizational policies and objectives aiming to provide high-quality services and products to the customers.

In the recent times, customer satisfaction has become an important aspect of the fast-food industry for the reason that diversification of business and product quality is imperative to influence the buying patterns of the customers and in order to satisfy them. McDonald’s is the best representation of the efforts towards customer satisfaction as the fast-food franchise had distinguished itself from its competitors by providing paramount quality customer service along with product consistency at affordable prices to its customers.

The failure and success of the fast-food organizations typically rely on various key factors including brand, customer expectations, promotions, services to the customers’ quality of the products, price of the products, locations of the stores and taste of the products. This marketing research project aims to analyze the level of service quality delivered and the extent to which the customers are satisfied at Taka Cuisine at Victoria Park. Taka cuisine is an emerging fast-food business and aims to present quality services and products for satisfying their customers.