Giving a capstone presentation can be a very cumbersome task since it demands you to defend your ideas in the capstone paper. It can also be highly rewarding if you prepare well for it. You can get lots of encouragement for your future studies. Giving presentation is something that many students dread since they fear of not performing well. Those who are able to control their nerves along with good preparation are the one likely to get a good grade. But if you have not prepared well and pretend to be confident than that may not help for too long. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to how to prepare for a capstone presentation. Below are some very useful tips for you to consider.

Note Down Important Points

Your capstone project may comprise of 100 pages but you will not be required to present all the 100 pages in front of the committee as that can take a very long time. Just go through your capstone project once or twice and highlight the most important facts in it. Those points that support the main theme of your capstone project and also help you give an impression in from of the committee.

Know the Importance

The purpose of giving a capstone presentation is to reveal its importance to the committee. The committee wants to know why in the first place your project is worth doing. Why is it important and how it can help the faculty members of the college. Just like when you write an essay you need to make sure that you highlight its importance for the readers. In a similar way you need to be sure of your capstone paper’s importance.

Reveal the Interest

It is very important to reveal the interest. Why do you find the topic so interesting and what makes it interesting for you? Show your passion and you are likely to succeed in the presentation. If you just give a presentation for the sake of giving it than you will likely to create a negative impression on the committee.

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