Students always dread essay writing. They feel that it is one of the most difficult things to do. How to write? Where to start from? Where to end? How to make it interesting? These are some questions frequently asked by students.

Essay writing can actually be very fun and quick if you know the simple format to follow. Read below to find out the easy steps to writing an essay. Believe me after reading the whole article you will never find essay writing difficult and boring.


Before starting to write the essay, make an outline of the points that you will include in it. This will give you a clear understanding of how you will start and how you will end. Writing an outline ensures that you do not get stuck in the middle of writing the essay.

A standard essay usually consists of five paragraphs where one paragraph each is allotted to the introduction and conclusion and the rest of the three are allotted to the body.


Writing an essay is just like telling a story. You start with an introduction. The first few words of your essay are very important because they will determine whether your teacher will read it with interest or read it just like she reads dozens of boring essays every day. So make sure that you start off strongly. Compel the reader to keep reading.

Your introduction should always be brief, to the point, simple and attractive. You can pose a question, write an interesting statement or start off with a well known quotation. All these are ways of developing interest for the reader.


In the body of an essay you explain in detail the topic, provide information, evidence etc. make sure that you write the body part of your essay very clearly so that it has a smooth flow for the reader. This will tell the reader how sure you are about your topic and how well you know about it. Divide the content into three paragraphs, where each paragraph tells a different story while being related to the main topic.


Like the introduction the conclusion of the essay should also be very attractive. The purpose of making the introduction attractive is to compel the reader to read further. The purpose of making the conclusion striking is to leave a mark in the mind of the reader. Your aim should be that no matter how many more essays the reader reads he/she still remembers your essay. So make it stand out!

In the conclusion you briefly sum up the main points of the whole essay and give your opinion. Be different and unique; however make sure that you maintain the tone of the essay which will depend on the type of topic you have chosen. If your essay is on some cartoon maintain a light, funny and amusing tone throughout. Conclude with a question or a statement. Basically anything that leaves your reader thinking.

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