The first few sentences of any book, essay, article etc decide whether it is worth reading or not. When you read something you’ll only be interested in it if the first few words catch your attention. However if you find the words boring and dull you will just throw it aside or, if necessary, continue reading but without paying attention.

You would not want that the reader throws your essay away or just reads it without paying attention to what you have written. Therefore it is very important that the introduction of your essay is interesting and compels the reader to keep reading.

Writing an attention grabbing introduction can be difficult if you don’t know exactly how to write one. Keep reading below to learn how to write the perfect introduction to your essay.


Make sure you know what exactly you want to include in the introduction. Prepare a layout of what will come first and what will follow. Since introductions are not very elaborate do not add any facts or explanations to it. An introduction is basically a preface of what your essay is about.

Pose a question

Posing a question to the reader always works because then the reader starts thinking about the question and comes up with his/her own answer which intrigues him/her to read on to find out whether the answer given in the essay is similar to the answer he/she had in mind. However writing an interesting statement also grabs a lot of attention and forces the reader to read on. E.g. “I know who let the dogs out!”

Keep it brief

Remember that this is only the introduction part of your essay and you have to write a lot more in the body and the conclusion. Make sure that you do not write so much that when you come to the body you have nothing left to write. Don’t share all your ideas in the introduction just write the gist of your essay.

Lead to the body

The conclusion of your introduction should be such that it automatically leads to the body of your essay. By now you should have briefly explained what your topic is and what your stance is going to be. You can end by asking a question again as it will lead to the body of the essay and hence the answer to the question.

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