An essay introduction is the most important part of essay writing because it sets the tone for the entire essay. Although every part of an essay is very important but the introduction has to be given the most importance because that is where an essay starts from. If the introduction is not catchy and effective than the reader may not continue reading the essay resulting in failure. Therefore, an introduction has to be well very carefully written with all the important elements present in it. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines as to how to write an essay introduction. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

Start with a Catchy Sentence

Your beginning sentence could comprise of a question as to evoke curiosity among the readers. For instance, how many people die of AIDS in Africa every year?  You can also start with a quote or statistical facts. The idea is to grab the attention of the reader and draw him/her into reading the entire essay with interest.

Keep things Precise

Keep the introduction precise and to the point. Do not include anything irrelevant and focus on introducing the key points briefly. You will have to elaborate those key points later in the main body.

Keep an Eye on the Grammar

Focus on structuring the introduction using correct spelling and grammar. These silly mistakes can create big problems. Try to avoid any slang words. Your focus should be to be as precise and direct you can be. Introduce all the main points along with a question without explaining them broadly as you can do the in the main body.

 Write a Thesis Statement

Finally, complete your introduction with a well written thesis statement leading to the main body. Keep it such that as to make the reader want to read more.

These are some of the very basic tips for writing the introduction of an essay. For more help on writing the essay introduction you can seek custom essay writing services of custom essay live.

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