Hating your teacher because he has asked you to write a persuasive essay? Writing a persuasive essay can be very challenging. You have to use words and ideas that are strong and compelling because the aim of writing a persuasive essay is to make sure that at the end of it the reader is convinced or at least moved with what you have written.

Don’t worry; following the easy steps below will help you in writing the perfect persuasive essay

Feel for the topic

While choosing the topic it is very important that you have a strong personal opinion about it. Make sure that it is something on which you actually want to convince people. Choosing such a topic will help you write easily about it because it is something you are concerned about.

Have lots of information

Always do a thorough research on what you are about to write. Even if you feel that you have a lot of knowledge about the topic, still do research, you might find out something new and interesting. You want to have as many points to support your topic as possible so that the reader realizes that you are well informed about what you are writing. Another reason why research is important is so that you make sure that none of the knowledge you have is wrong. Giving incorrect information can have adverse affects for you.

Write the introduction

After you have chosen the topic and conducted research it is time for you to start writing. Always start with an introduction of your topic. Pose a question to the reader. Doing so intrigues the reader to read further. In the introduction you explain your topic in detail and give your opinion about it.


Now comes the most important and fun part. It is time to persuade your reader! Start giving points to support your view. Give facts, quotations and any personal experiences that you might have. For every point that you give make sure you have evidence to support it. If there are any strong opposing points, write them down too so that the reader does not feel that you have avoided the opposition party completely. However make sure that you have answers to all the opposing points. All this will come in the body of your essay. Make sure you give a paragraph each to all the points.


You have put forward all the points. You have answered the questions from the opposing idea. By now you should have persuaded your readers almost completely. You now need to give one last kick so that they are completely persuaded. Make your conclusion strong. Do not pose a question in the end instead write a compelling statement to show how strongly you feel for the issue. In the end proofread your essay to correct any mistakes that there might be.

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