Sample Essay

Philip A. Mackowiak has done a fascinating and marvelous work. He has not left out any aspects ever recorded in history and calculated against them his own arguments based upon profound knowledge, concise and clear. They satisfy the reader to the fullest. Some of the records are missing while others been documented right down to their minute details the deaths still remain a mystery but one that can be pondered upon now.

The experts have done their best in identifying what has us in doubt for centuries. The most important aspect, apart from dissemination of very interesting information, of this book is that the historical figures serve as classical case studies to follow up and study upon. Many questions arise from this work like why’s and how’s of what these historical figures did as they did and how are their deaths significantly related to their life events. Also at what, did physicians, at that time, erred in their treatment and why? What could they have done that would have saved their patients? There are footnotes and references at the end of each chapter which I strongly recommend each reader to further refer as they are excellent reads. This book is bound to hold captive its readers figure by figure and is a must guide for medical students.

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