Sample Essay

Women are increasingly entering the field of management in corporation and businesses, however the rate of growth in very slow as they are held back by the prejudices of the men in their lives. Banking is the typical male oriented profession where females are usually hired at the service desk and clerk positions where the staff has to interact with the customers. This is mostly done as the females are considered to be pleasing and often good to look at, which is in itself discriminatory. In higher end position of leadership in the financial and the banking sector, women are often not present or very much exposed to the glass ceiling.

As a result they often also tend to leave their jobs early on in their professional lives as well. “Workplace discrimination, such as a lack of acceptance by male supervisors or colleagues, lack of proper training, isolation, and limited access to mentoring and female role models, is more likely to make them leave their jobs. Sexual harassment also tends to occur more frequently in non-traditional work environments. Women may be subjected to inappropriate language or unwelcome sexual conduct. Also, if male supervisors or colleagues resent the presence of women in their workplace, they may use sexually harassing behavior to humiliate them” (‘Breaking through the Glass Ceiling: Women in Management’, 2004)

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