Sample Essay

The following is an exploratory research based on the issue of women facing barriers to promotion and growth in the information technology and the banking sectors of the UK economy. The research highlights the various issues faced by women managers and employees in these segments and how the concept of discrimination still exist despite anti discriminatory laws for the workplace. Moreover the concept of the glass ceiling is also observed, as to how it limits the growth of women in the information technology, banking and financial sectors in the region ofUnited Kingdom. While the research is comprehensive in nature, it is limited in terms of its results only to the United Kingdom.

It is very much evident from the research conducted that the females in the UK specifically employed in the banking, insurance, IT and financial services sector are facing barriers to their promotions and better compensation the in form of a glass ceiling. While this glass ceiling is very much dominant in theUK, it is possible to diminish it over a period of time by employing targeted legislature and reforms. The banking, IT and financial services industry can invest in gearing programs aimed at sensitizing the hierarchy to enable the females to achieve position of leadership as well by showing concern ad dedication to family based issues as well in the organizations.

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