Sample Essay

The secondary research that was conducted pertained to the collection of information relating to the effectiveness of the internationalisation and marketing strategies deployed by education institutes in theUKhigher education sector for attracting and facilitating international students and increasing their numbers in the sector. The secondary research was conducted through desk based research, internet research, as well as analysing already [present journal articles and reports on the internationalisation of the higher education institutes form the UK as well as form other competing markets in the world like US, Canada, Australia, India and China.

The comprehensive research through the primary and the secondary sources enabled the author to collect information through published sources a sell as the respondents of the questionnaires who provided an in-depth view into the topic at hand. The main aims of this paper as highlighted was to determine the changes in the internationalisation of the universities and colleges ion the higher education sector in the UK, and the information collected enabled the authors to check the data for influences of internationalisation and globalisation, thus enabling them to achieve the research objectives.

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