Sample Essay

The research objectives included finding out which international marketing methods and techniques were considered to be successful for higher education institutions in the UK.  This objective proved difficult to meet as the research shows that international marketing is conducted from a handful of organisations, with the actual higher education institutions contributing very little to the methods and techniques.

The second objective was to demonstrate how the success of marketing methods and techniques were measured by the UK higher education institutions, with a view to demonstrating that current international marketing methods were being met.  The research was able to show that even though higher education institutions had a small role to play in international marketing, success was assessed by the numbers of international students they were able to recruit, and the income generated from international students.  This assessment of international marketing was also similar to that of the British Council and central government, which demonstrates the main focus and purpose of launching international marketing strategies.  In terms of meeting marketing objectives, the international marketing methods and techniques can be said to be successful if international students are still coming to theUK, however, this could change if student numbers dropped drastically.  The final objective was to find out how the higher education institutions perceived globalisation and their opinions on its influence.  As the author was unable to solicit responses from the primary research, this objective was not met.

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