Sample Essay

Whiteness studies pertain to a controversial sector of studies which focuses on the cultural, historical and the sociological aspects of the white people and the white society. Since records have been maintained the degree of whiteness of the person has been attributed as the symbol of social status through social construction. The field explores the various public and private privileges that are enjoyed by the people of the white race especially pertaining to theUnited States of America and Europe.

Race is considered as a social construct with the white people being the one with the influential and prominent power structure. Most of the research pertaining to white studies has been conducted in the USA and UK only. This research has been able to provide us with evidence of three main races in history, the Whites, the Native Indians and the Blacks. Of these the Whites have been significant in holding positions of power and a higher social status while the Native Americans were forced into genocide by the Whites. The Blacks however have been synonymous with slavery also at the hands of the Whites who brought them in from Africa to Europe and theNew Worldas slave labor on plantations in theUnited States. The Black enslavement was characteristic of the colonial times when both the Unites States as well as United Kingdom had colonies around the world. On the same note the indigenous Australians, the Aboriginals, have also been marginalized at the hands of the British colony of Australia.

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