Sample Essay

    1. Children who spend more time playing computer sport are more expected to be classified as overweight or obese.
    2. The more time children play computer sport, the more both their vigilance spans and degrees suffer.
    3. Watching brutal video sport rises aggression in juvenile young children over both the short and long term.
    4. Video game addiction has initiated young children to flunk out, of school, misplace their associates, and, even, consign suicide.
    5. Once you permit your young children to be obsessed, it’s tough to halt them. (Curran 2008)
    6. Both the allowance of time and content of video sport matter. Aggression and fatness boost with time observed and the farthest content of video games.

As well as forcing young children into mature demeanour, investigations of the consequences of TV addiction, and computer/video sport, propose the following recommendations:

  1. Set а good demonstration, by not observing television while your young children are doing homework.
  2. Spend time simultaneously, as а family, doing wholesome undertakings, like hiking or interests, other than observing TV.

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