Sample Essay

The core values of Shell Pakistan pertain to honesty, integrity and respect for people. The company states that it prioritizes characteristics in people pertaining trust, teamwork, pride in ones work and professionalism as being fundamental in nature.The company also takes on responsibility for the sustainability of the energy source and in providing support to the environment, in order to allow it to reestablish itself. This is the method of sustainable development for the company.


ShellPakistanalso has specific responsibilities towards its employees, shareholders, customers and its affiliates. These responsibilities pertain to providing a profitable rate of return on the investment conducted by the shareholders over a long period of time. Aside form this the company is focused on attracting customers  and maintain customer loyalty by providing them with products and services which are of the highest quality and are able to fulfill their requirement of energy based products, in a an environmentally safe manner. The responsibility of the company towards its employees takes the form of providing them with excellent g and growth featuring working conditions while making use of their talents in a professional and competitive manner

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