Sample Essay

The Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) company decided not to establish a separate infrastructure for the extraction and transport of its LPG product. However in order to benefit form an already exiting infrastructure, the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) company formed a partnership with Sui Northern Gas Pakistan Limited in 2001 and sharing its LPG business with the other company in exchange for utilizing the already existing infrastructure created by with Sui Northern Gas Pakistan Limited. The other company of with Sui Northern Gas Pakistan Limited was able to benefit its operation through the partnership with Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) by increasing its market share for LPG products by a whole 8 percent.

The current product offering of LPG by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) consists of cylinders which are offered in three varying sizes. The sizes pertain to 6, 12 and 45 kg. These sizes are specifically established by the company I order to meet the requirements of the industrial and consumer market for the products. The product of liquefied Petroleum Gas which is offered by Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) is offered under the same value and quality proposition of Shell Pakistan which pertains to assurance of availability of the product, free maintenance of the LPG equipment and accurate weight of the cylinders.

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