Sample Essay

Conventional Liquid Chromatography is most commonly used in preparative scale work to purify and isolate some components of a mixture. It’s also used in ultra trace separations where small disposable columns are used once and then discarded. Analytical separations of solutions for detection or quantification typically use more sophisticated high-pressure liquid chromatography instruments.Aside from the above mentioned uses chromatography is also used in the fields of medicine, research as well as law enforcement. In the medicine field, specifically those pertaining to sports, chromatography is used to track and trace illegal drugs in the blood. For this usually gas chromatography is used. In the field of law enforcement however toxicology is the main area where chromatography is employed. It is usually t=used to identify any substances and toxins in the blood of the victim. Poisons can also be identified through the use of chromatography.


In the paper we have been able to identify the process of chromatography and the uses it provides in different fields and professions. However, while it can be used to identify DNA and amino acids as well as perform genetic sampling, the technique remains the most simplistic method for performing these tasks.