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This also reflects the skills that are being traded on an international level, with the UK being the main supplier of business and administrative skills, engineering and technology skills and computer science skills amongst others.  The benefits for theUKare that other countries are using models and techniques that they use, which enhances the quality of trade, however, just as with any other economic situations, theUKhigher education sector has to be aware that demand can also dwindle and run out.

Bristol University’s marketing objectives include reviewing recruitment and admissions polices and procedures so that they can determine if they are meeting recruiting targets and financial targets (Bristol University 2007).  This suggests that recruitment and financial income are closely linked, and as the author has determined, financial income largely comes from international students.  Therefore they have to focus their marketing objectives on recruiting international students in a bid to meet their targets.  Bristol University hopes to meet this objective by providing an admissions service that is responsive and effective (Bristol University 2007) which means that they probably have to constantly monitor global events so that they can cater for international student needs as and when they arise.  Another marketing objective involves offering guidance and support to international students and employees (Bristol University 2007), the literature review did identify that theUKwas not particularly good at providing for the social aspect of the international student.  This would include providing suitable and flexible student accommodation, as well as information on issues that may directly affect international students such as British culture, systems and procedures.

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