Sample Essay

The issue at hand here, is that the UK higher education sector’s international marketing strategy, is not taking advantage of the benefits of studying in the UK, and it is also not coming up with strategies to make it more competitive.  It seems other English speaking countries have taken advantage of the effects of globalisation by coming up with novel and innovative methods of retaining their recruitment levels of international students.  It also seems that the international marketing strategies being used for UK institutions no longer apply in their entirety to the current educational environment, as they closely support the internationalism theory, which some may say no longer exists.

On the other hand, globalisation has been cited as the main factor for the decline in the UK’s competitive position and the resulting changes in marketing strategies, employed by other higher education sectors.   Globalisation also means that private businesses have a stake in the recruitment of international students, as this is a potential labour source, and an opportunity to provide staffing for multinational companies (Brown and Ternouth 2006).  However, theUKhigher education sector seems to have its administration and overall management controlled by central government, which may explain why some countries have been able to take a more proactive approach in international marketing and the UK has maintained its institutions like the British Council.  The British institutions do help to pass on the country’s values and ideologies of fairness and equality, but this same system may be slowing down the process of changing marketing methods, and also slowing down the reaction towards globalisation.  This dissertation shall attempt to find out if international marketing has changed in the UK, and if these changes can be attributed to globalisation.

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