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Partition chromatography makes use of a thin film which is formed on the surface of a solid holder which aids the film to stand in the solvent. Here again the separation of the different solutes takes place due to the differing equilibrium between the mobile and the stationary phase. Ion exchange chromatography on the other hand makes use of a resin which is used to attach the different ions (cations and anions) through a covalent process. The mobile phase here composes of oppositely charged ions getting attracted by the resin. The process usually is triggered by electrostatic forces.


Essentially chromatography is a separation technique for mixtures. The process can be both expensive and complex as ell as simple and easy depending on the substance to be separated and the equipment available. The chromatography techniques are highly volatile and are used in various forms in real life. 


Chromatography is used in chemistry and biochemistry research analyzing complex mixtures, purifying chemical compounds, developing processes for synthesizing chemical compounds, isolating natural products, or predicting physical properties. It is also used in quality control to ensure the purity of raw materials, to control and improve process yields, to quantify assays of final products, or to evaluate product stability and monitor degradation. In addition, it is used for analyzing air and water pollutants, for monitoring materials that may jeopardize occupational safety or health, and for monitoring pesticide levels in the environment

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