Sample Essay

In order to treat the children at such a sensitive age as 2 -3 years, behavioral conditioning therapies, social cognition developmental therapies and occupational and physical therapies as well as social skill an speech therapies can be provided to the autistic patients. To determine the effect of behavioral treatment on Autistic children that can help them develop and cope with autism as they grow an experimental approach was taken by Ivar Lovaas through a research which was conducted on the young autistic patients.

The research involved dividing the children into groups and treating one group with intensive experimental behavioral treatment, while the other group termed the control group was provided minimal behavior treatment. The study depicted that the behavioral treatment provided positive results for both the experimental groups as well as the control group. However “at the follow-up, experimental group subjects did significantly better than control group subjects. For example, 47% of the experimental group achieved normal intellectual and educational functioning in contrast to only 2% of the control group subjects.” (Lovaas, 1986) The salient characteristics of the study pertained to the results that the effects of the treatment provided to the children were clearly detected and noticeable with positive changes.

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