Sample Essay

Autism is a growing phenomenon which is incrementally becoming an epidemic in theUnited States of America. Autism is a condition of the patients where they have a brain development disorder. Genetic tendencies and environmental factors are known to amongst the main instigators of neurodevelopment disorders specifically those related to autism. Due to the disorder the patients are affected in terms of their social interaction and behaviors with others as well as with behaviors associated with repetition.

Autism is normally diagnosed at an early age when parents see changes in the behavior of their children; however it is also possible for the condition to go unnoticed if careful supervision is not employed. The brain disorder has no known treatment or cure that can fully alleviate or resolve the condition, however different therapies can be employed in order to treat the autism in the patients and reduce the level of impact that it has on the patient’s life. The following section presents that various strategies and treatment styles that can be used to treat autism in patients.

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