Sample Essay

Figure 3.0 compares how theUKfares against other English speaking higher education sectors.  This figure clear shows that the US is receiving the lion’s share of international students, followed by the UK and then Australia.  However, this does not mean that the US is receiving a huge income from these figures, as the literature review has pointed out that the US offers a large number of scholarships, which means that a significant number of international students pay less than they would for study in the UK.

This makes the US more competitive and more attractive for international students, as it is able to attract students from world regions, whilst the UK attracts students from the EU and mainly Asia. Australia draws most of its students from Asia and this is probably explained by the fact that Australia is the nearest English-speaking country, and that it is economical in terms of travel. It is also possible that some of the source countries assume their role from economic or political links, in addition to proximity.

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