Sample Essay

The research by (Engel, Olson, & Patrick, 2002) has examined the relationship present between personality and the three characteristics of love that (Sternberg R. , 1986) and (Sternberg R. J., 1998) had suggested. Even though several of the previous studies had investigated into the personality qualities which can be linked with Lee’s (1977) six love styles, those studies did not examine the link present between Sternberg’s model of love and the basic personality characteristics. If we look into the two theories carefully we will find that Lee’s theory has huge differences when compared to Sternberg’s theory. One example is the complete absence of two features of Lee’s typology, ludus and pragma, in Sternberg’s model which does not regard those as being any kind of love (Sternberg R. , 1986). Similarly, there exists another model of love, that of (Aron & Westbay, 1996) who presented a three-dimensional latent structure of the prototype of love, whose basis lies on the factor analysis of centrality ratings of 68 prototypical features of love. This analysis also resulted in the same three features that Sternberg proposed; that of intimacy, passion and commitment. Through the analysis of (Aron & Westbay, 1996) it was also discovered that ludus and pragma did not seem to have any kind of unique links with Sternberg’s proposed elements and therefore there is a possibility that these do not even form a part of love as is thought by the participants.

The research by (Engel, Olson, & Patrick, 2002) assessed the two important features of personality, traits and motives. The argument put forward was that traits and motives are a reflection of two very basically unique features of personality which have distinct concepts (Winter, John, Stewart, Klohnen, & Duncan, 1998). Motives have a relation with the people’s objectives, wants and desires, while traits with the behavior of the people. Traits provide answers to the attitudes of the people while motives is about the “why” of the issue. We can express motives through various kinds of ways; traits on the other hand are the means through which the expression of motives is stylistically channeled. For instance, an introvert and extravert can be having similar or identical aims but would definitely attain their objectives through quite varied manners.

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