Sample Essay

The proposed research would be based on the concept of marketing management as highlighted by Kotler (1988) which is the process of applying the theories of marketing and the relevant strategies into the marketing techniques and actionable tasks for the promotion of a business. Another theoretical concept that is used by the proposed research is that of branding and brand management. Essentially a brand is a perception of a company or an entity in the minds of the consumer. However the management of the brand is an extension of marketing and is strategically linked with promotion.  Aside from this the concepts of sales promotions, consumer behavior, consumer purchase behavior, consumer decision making process are also explored in the research in relation to how they influence the promotion strategy used by Tesco to target housewives in Beijing.

The proposed research can provide to be significant for students, marketers, future researchers in the field of brand promotion and marketing as well as for the Tesco Company. The students can be provided with possible linkages between the sales promotion strategy of the company and the overall brand promotion of a brand. Moreover the promotion employed by brands in different markets can also be highlighted through the research for students. The researchers on the other hand would have an established research to expand upon or further explore the relationship between sales promotions of a company and the brand promotion strategy of a firm. The markets as well as the management at Tesco can use the proposed research to determine the most effective sales promotion strategies that best contribute to their established corporate brand.

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