Sample Essay

The field of Public Administration is a highly complex field with multiple variables defining the approach taken. Aside from this the nature of the field is such that it cannot be separated from other political as well as sociological fields of study. As a result it has to be examined under the context of the associations it has with other fields and its own principles. This poses a crisis for identity in the field of public administration.

As mentioned earlier the main crisis facing the identity of Public Administration is that it does not have a specified or a fixed derivation from any field making it volatile and variable in terms of its definition. The study of Public administration as a result requires and knowledge and study of the different interrelated fields as well I order to understand the concept of public administration

“On the one hand, Public Administration theorists are required to understand a broad range of perspectives relevant to their theory building task. On the other hand, the diversity of Public Administration often means that the field lacks a sense of identity Raadschelders further notes that in organizing the study of Public Administration we ought to consider what government is and reflect about its core functions (the governance of society). It is from this basis that we can start to develop a coherent study of Public Administration” (Connaughton & Randma)

The public administration does emphasize a means to an end as it provides the different approaches that can be taken to manage and administer the masses. The nature of the study as well as its associations however tend to drag politics in the field of public administration as well. In fact in most European countries the field of Public administration comes under the field or the study of Political Science.

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