Sample Essay

Later on, however, art in Northern Europe went through a change regarding the position it held in that society. The middle class was developing, there was more and more trade and the literacy rate was also increasing. This led to the increased opportunities for the females who were interested in art. Following the sixteenth century art was more created for houses of middle class people rather than for church. It began serving the purpose of decorating houses rather than having any religious obligation toward the church as it had initially. It started affecting and gaining a position more in the society.

The relationship that exists between art and society is a simple reflection of the market prevailing for art. Normally, the unit market is there only if there is demand for it, and it was created by a society for the other societies right from the beginning of the art period. There has been a development of the art market as a constant change took place within the relationship of art and society. Most importantly, the relationship between art and society is actually a relationship between the artist himself and the society.

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