Sample Essay

The development and economic productivity of Africa is much less as compared to the other countries.  One of the reasons for this problem is the high rural percentage. A large percentage of Africans live in jungles and do not acquire basic education.  Hence, this fact contributes a lot to the underdevelopment of the country. In addition to that, the economy of the country has never been very strong.  A lot of other countries with strong economic back grounds have tried to help.  Two of these countries are Britain and the United States of America.  A lot of British companies have opened up their branches in Africa so that their businesses can be enhanced.  Similarly, a large number of American companies are operating in Africa as well.

The residents of Africa are also responsible for the underdevelopment of the country to some extent.  Most of them are not literate and cannot earn their basic earnings.  This increases the poverty in the country. Another parameter is the family size. People usually do not plan their family size and most families have five to six kids. As the literacy rate is low, survival becomes tougher because people do not get stable employments.  Africa is a very productive country if its economic condition improves.   Most people who acquire strong corporate positions are foreigners.  In the recent years, the poverty rate of the country has increased due to recession and inflation.

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