Sample Essay

The process of loading and unloading can be facilitated by the use of technology and, machinery as mentioned earlier. This machinery and technology can take the form of vacuum and air blowers which such in the cargo which is present in loose form like cement, grains and sand and deposits them in the trunks and the tanks of the dry bulk sea vessels. This is a much faster method of loading. The same machine can also be used to unload the cargo form the dry bulk shipping vessels. However in the case of cargo which is slightly bulky like iron ore and coal, the cargo can be transported to the vessel and loaded on to it with the aid of the conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is set up such that the labor as well as specialized machinery deposits the cargo onto it, which is transported by the conveyor belt to the compartments of the bulk carrier. There is its simple deposited or rather thrown. However the BLU code depicts that the cargo should be evenly placed at the bottom of the ships hold in order top cover an even surface area. AS a result when using the conveyor belt, other machinery and labor are used inside the shipping vessel to evenly distribute the cargo in ton the floor of the bulk carrier. According to the BLU code when the holds of the vessel are completely filled then a rectangular column of hole is dug in the middle of the hold in the cargo, right under the hatch. Here longitude weights are set up to establish a level position for the ship when it is afloat in the international waters.

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