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Other safety issues relate to lessening the damage to the cargo and the container during the transportation of cargo at the time of loading and unloading of the fully cellular container ship vessel.  Usually the containers in the fully cellular container ship are packed together to minimize damage to the containers as well as create a balanced centre of gravity for the ship. However the procedure for loading and unloading such cargo is complex resulting in damaged containers.

This is mostly because of the improper use of the equipment for the loading and unloading of the maintainers, namely the port cranes. The safety procedures require that the cargo loading and unloading equipment should be kept maintained and well set up in order to avoid accidents at the time of cargo loading and unloading. This can substantially reduce the costs for the shipping ports as well as the cost of the damage to the vessel and the cargo.

The specific guidelines that can be followed in order to reduce the safety issues of the cargo unloading and loading process for Full Cell Container Ships takes the form of the CTU stowage guidelines. According to this the packaging of the cargo into the containers needs to be planned according to the payload as prescribed by the CTU. The cargo that needs to be packed into containers needs to be segregated into similar bulks or characteristics for lessening the damage being caused to fragile cargo by the more bulky and strong cargo. Then the fragile cargo is packed into containers loosely with fillings to make way for protecting them while the bulky cargo is stocked and packed tightly in order to minimize a lot of movement. The factor of contamination of dust and odor form one container to the other are also to be kept in mind when sealing containers and loading them on to the FCC ship.

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