Sample Essay

Tim Kasser in his book, The High Price of Materialism, writes about the different aspects of materialism and how it affects us in our daily life. He gives an explanation of the term and the importance we have given it in our life. The negative effects of materialism have been portrayed in the book. According to Kasser materialism is very attractive and embraced by the common people and they do not realize its negative consequences that may arise till it is too late. Examples from different aspects of life have been given: personal life as in relationships and parenting; in community and businesses.

As I read the chapter I realized how true Kasser has been in his views, whether it is in marriage or a company. Materialism is, indeed, an evil in the society due to which the whole world suffers. If we consider this element in the parenting issue we see how this trait of valuing the material things in life more than the important, family morals is passed on to the children of the family. It is a known and understood fact that children only adapt and reproduce what they see in their elders and so-called “betters”. Thus, if they find that their parents are more involved with partying and socializing rather than giving value time to their children, they would suppose that maybe that is what is more important in life, and that is what would make their status and position in society. However, one thing to be noticed is that this does not lead to beneficial consequences as sometime later on the children would definitely be craving for love and time from their parents rather than just doing with the expensive gifts and huge pocket money they receive from them.

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