Sample Essay

The Geneva Convention clearly states the principles according to which the Prisoners of War should be treated and the non justification of torture on the incumbent as a form of interrogation technique. However in the past few years the world has been able to witness through leaks in the media as well as other mass communication mediums that George W. Bush’s policy is mostly to overrule and disregard the guidelines of the Geneva Convention. Author Christopher Kutz of the article ‘Torture, Necessity and Existential Politics’ mentioned in his works that torture is actually essential and important as a form of interrogation tool in desperate cases. The author defends the torture based policies of George W. Bush stating that even according to the constitution and the Bybee memo torture is considered a legal form of application and tool for interrogation.  “If the expected value of information extracted through torture is high enough to outweigh the expected disvalue of the materialized threat about which intelligence is sought, then torture could be justified.” (Kutz, 2007) the author also went on to say that in highly sensitive times the president of the country has the authority to advice his agents on the use of torture in order to extract information from the charged prisoner.

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