Sample Essay

Due to the globalization process that has occurred over the past few decades, the competition inAbu Dhabihotel industry has become keener and keener. The long-term survival ofAbu Dhabihotel firm in such an increasingly competitive environment depends on its ability to satisfy customers’ demands efficiently and effectively (Morgan pp.285-99). The adoption of а market orientation can help а hotel design and offer а service mix that is perceived by its core customers as being of superior quality, while making а profit and building competitive advantage.

According to Kohli and Jaworski (1990), market orientation is defined as organizational-wide information gathering and dissemination, and а quick response to current and future customer needs and preferences. Thus, market orientation ofAbu Dhabihotel industry contributes to Sheraton hotel’s continuous learning and knowledge accumulation through continuously collecting information about customers and competitors and using the information to create superior customer value and competitive advantage (Molavi pp.94-113). However, as revealed in previous studies, in comparison with other commercial service sectors such as banking, insurance, or retail distribution, sheraton hotel has been slow to adopt marketing as а management discipline. Thus, it is believed that an investigation of market orientation in sheraton hotel can enhance the overall understanding of the concept of market orientation in а service context.

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