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Although this study has its limitations it confirmed the results of previous research in the domain of marketing effectiveness. Although the findings of this study may not necessarily be generalisable to other countries, it is hoped that this study has contributed to the body of knowledge on the marketing effectiveness of Sheraton hotel Abu Dhabi (Jamrozy pp.117-30). The main suggestions for future research is to develop а more objective set of variables that can be used for testing marketing effectiveness in Sheraton hotel Abu Dhabi and also to further examine the relationships between marketing effectiveness and other performance measures (Balmer pp.248-91).

               The study identifies the strategic planning use of company-wide bottom-up and top down approaches as outlined by various authors and the case examples . The authors of this study believe this to be а rigid approach to planning and would argue for а flexible model (Balakrishnan p.44-98). This does not preclude the fact that there should be filters at corporate level because of the need to control resource and assure overall objectives are being met. At the same time (James pp.173-83), the Unit level should submit requests and convey information. However, in order to ensure there is not а centralized bureaucracy and responsive action takes place, then open responsibility for reactive planning should be part of the process (Baik pp.51). This entails shared authority for reacting to ever faster changing market conditions and business needs (Ahmed pp.9-79).

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